Adult camera phone sites

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Adult camera phone sites

95% of those are cameraphones on mobile phones, 5% are traditional stand-alone cameras. Global installed base of cameras still operational is 5.8 Billion units. Yes even if i Phone sales fell by half by some weird reason today, Apple would still sell more cameras on i Phones alone, ignoring i Pads etc, than all Canon, Nikon etc stand-alone cameramakers, combined. Please note, that there is no significant migration 'the other way'. Contrast that with cameraphones, in 2012 MIC (a mobile industry analyst house) reported that 83% of new mobile phones sold had a camera, that was 1.48 Billion cameraphones. So already two years ago 93% of all new cameras sold on the planet were on mobile phones, not on stand-alone cameras. 620 M Stand-alone camera owners using stand-alone camera . All stats in this blog that are not otherwise sourced, are from Tomi Ahonen Phone Book 2014. And yes, 56% of the planet has a camera in their pocket ever day. Only 11% of camera users use a stand-alone digital camera as their primary camera (while all also own a cameraphone and most also own at least one other digital camera).

Of the 4 B cameras in use, 440 million (11%) are stand-alone 'traditional' digital cameras and 3.56 B (89%) of all cameras in use on the planet today are on mobile phones/smartphones as cameraphones.

From 2010 the stand-alone digital camera sales have been in annual decline according to CIPA statistics (the camera industry association). I wish we had more data points but we can build a reasonably good model out of this.

Currently this year 2014 will see about 95 million stand-alone digital cameras sold. So allowing growth from 2011 at the same rate for both camera types, we get this level of picture taking per camera user per year: DIGITAL PICTURES TAKEN PER YEAR IN 2014 BY CAMERA TYPE Stand-alone digital camera user .

Not everybody, but far more than half of tablet owners will do that. Now we can calculate out the split, how many of the pictures were taken by stand-alone digital cameras, and how many by cameraphones and we get that in 2011: the average digital camera owner took 302 pictures, and the average cameraphone owner took 201 pictures.

The stand-alone digital camera sales peaked at about 120 million units sold per year in 2008. And better yet, National Geographic also gives us the growth rate - the picture taking grows at a rate of 7.5% annually.

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